I’ve spent the majority of my life on the radio, in school and in church. I’ve worked for radio stations around the country, and I’m one of the hosts of Coast to Coast AM, a legendary radio show syndicated across North America. I received my Masters of Divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, and I’m a deacon in The Episcopal Church.

Let’s do the rest in pictures:

Nothing is more energizing than spending time with my boys and slowing down long enough to smoke a pipe.

Not having a job that requires a lot of socks is just a bonus.

Ian Punnett

So, there's this story going around that my dog, Jack, is a 35-pound Boston Terrier which would explain this photo.

Truth is, he's only 12-pounds like most Bostons. I just have a head the size of a grapefruit.

Joining the Cronkite School as Faculty, Ph.D. Candidate
Ian Punnett

As many of you know I am joining the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University in the fall of 2013.

In addition to accepting me for the Ph.D. program, I recently received the honor of being named a distinguished scholar-in-residence.

While I can't deny that I won't appreciate the warmer winters Arizona has to offer, I will be too focused on conducting research in mass communication to even notice the lack of snow, I am sure.

Here's the quote from the Cronkite school's press release:

“We are elated that Ian Punnett will be coming to the Cronkite School to study and learn with our community of scholars,” noted Craig Allen, director of the School’s Ph.D program. “We are looking forward to what promise interesting, innovative, and path-clearing contributions to teaching, research and scholarship.”

The porch on our old house was the perfect writer's retreat!

A good desk, a daybed and a real fireplace where I burned all my lame manuscripts.

Ian Punnett

That's my wife, Margery, who edits a lot of what I write. She put together this website. She even wrote this about her.


I'm not sure I actually exist.

Ian Punnett

My radio career has been curtailed by my chronic, intrusive tinnitus; that is, a constant electronic-sounding whistling buzz in my head.

It's hard to describe it. This is what it looks like.

Ian Punnett

If I remember correctly, these glasses came with the collar. Or, maybe it's the collar that came with the glasses.

Either way, it's my hope that they distract you from the creeping gray in my hair!

Ian Punnett

This photo is rare. Not because I’m napping but because my dog, Jack, isn't sleeping across my face.

Actually, Jack took the shot.

Ian Punnett